Home Refinance Loans

The Home Financing options are ever changing. I have been in the business for over 15 years and they seem to sometimes change monthly. This means changing strategies for my clients. THIS IS THE BIGGEST DIFFERENCE FROM VALUE MORTGAGE AND EVERYONE ELSE. Most other loan officers look at a loan and give a generic loan to the customer. Every one of the loans we look at we try and create different benefits for our clients.


Some refinances are simple. Maybe to lower and existing Mortgage Interest Rate. But looking at the whole picture or profile might make a difference on the strategy of how the loan will be structured. For example an older couple may want to refinance on a long term loan even though they are very old allowing them the most cash in their pockets per month. They have have other assets that they will be passing on to their families. They have a limited amount of money they can make, most of the time it is fixed income. Maybe an investor wants to refinance a home. We look at the property cash flow and how many pieces of property they want to purchase in the future. This will determine how much leverage they will need to do future purchases. If the money is cheap enough they may elect to take some cash out for repairs or get money to purchase another home.


This is thinking outside the box. We think in buckets. Buckets are leverage of cash, credit scores, debt to income ratios, tax consequences, and much much more. We create options for our clients. We utilize the resources at hand.


There are many other strategies that we use depending our clients profile. Profiles consist of credit scores, credit depth, debt to income ratios, employment, and much much more.


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